Booking & Bail Bonding in Dana Point, CA
Dana Point, CA is patrolled and monitored by the Orange County Sheriff. The city does not have their own brick and mortar police department building. The city contracts all of its police services through the county of Orange Sheriff’s Department making the booking and release procedure for individuals arrested in Dana Point a little more difficult and time consuming. When an individual is arrested, the Orange County sheriff takes the person immediately to the Orange County Main Jail in Santa Ana, CA for booking and housing. Once they arrive to the county jail, they will be booked into custody which can take several hours up to 10 hours to complete.

Part of the booking process consists of obtaining the arrestee’s personal information such as name, address, phone number, employment information, and date of birth. Once the initial information is gathered, the individual is screened for an medical issues, their picture is taken and their finger prints are obtained electronically via a live scan machine. Finger prints are gather to verify the person’s identity and to initiate a back ground check. Back ground checks are required to ensure that arrestee’s have no holds, warrants or additional reason which prevent them from being released from custody on bond or O.R. (own recognizance). The jail sends finger prints out to the county, state and federal governments for screening and verification. Once the finger prints are returned, the individual is either place on hold or eligible to be released by bond or O.R. not every person is eligible for release on O.R. Some crimes, such as felony crimes, require a bail bonds to be posted to secure release. If the individual does not post bond and is not approved for O.R., they will see a judge for their first court date, also known as their arraignment, within two business day depending on the charge level. Felonies are held up to two business days and misdemeanors are sent to court after one business day.

Posting Bond: Release for Dana Point

We can turn a bond in to the Orange County Main Jail 24 hours a day to secure the release of your friend or family member. The process is quick and simple. to make the situation easier and more convenient, we can typically complete the entire process via phone, fax, and/or email. All we need is a responsible person to guarantee that the person in custody is going to appear before the judge to each and every court date schedules. When an individual bonds out of custody, they will be assigned a future court date anywhere from 7 days to roughly 30 days from the day they bond out of custody. Once we receive all the necessary paper work, which typically takes 15 mins to complete, we will fax over the bond to the county jail to start the release process and then physically turn the bond into the cashier at the main jail. Once the bond I accepted, the release can take anywhere from 45 mins to 10 hours strictly dependent on jail staff.

Once the arrestee is released, we will need to complete the paper work with them, take their picture and answer any questions they may have.

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